The terrorists of IHIL stood at the gate of Baghdad

In front of the Iraqi authorities there is a dilemma: re-applied or send to the Shiite militia, supported by Iran. The solution is more difficult, because Ramady is a city in which most Sunnites live. It is difficult to appreciate how indigenous peoples behave in such a situation, which can fear the pogroms and shiite cleansing. In addition, their fears are quite substantiated. When Shiites beat the native city of Saddam Hussein - Tikrit, after taking control, there were murders and acts of revenge against the Sunni residents of the city.
Insufficient training of Iraqi soldiers by American instructors can contribute to greater involvement of the Shiite troops. This is due to the larger role and influence of Iran in Iraq, which will lead to the expansion of the sphere of influence in the Middle East region. Such actions and closer cooperation with the Americans in the fight against Islamists strengthen the prestige of Iran, which in the eyes of the whole world becomes a serious and reliable player.
The Pentagon tries to understand the role of the capture of Ramady. The representative of the Pentagon asks for journalists not to overestimate the incident. Colonel Warren also spoke about large-scale offensive operations throughout the country. He added that the conquest of Ramady IG is an episode that only adds another task to a common strategy, that is, the return of the city.
The fact that the United States is called an episode is worried about the Iraqi authorities. Government Hayder Al-Abadi is concerned about the development of the situation. In connection with the seizure of Ramadi, an order was given to the mobilization of additional Shiite and Sunni troops in Baghdad. The authorities were also invited by Iranian Defense Minister of Defense for consultations.
The increase in the intensity of raids in the position of Islamists in Ramadi did not bring the expected results. Americans are likely to cooperate with Shiite militia, that is, directly with Iran to beat off the city. Operation on the return of Mosulus is likely to be postponed over time. For this reason, the city of Tikrit was taken, which was supposed to be the base for the preparation of the offensive on Mosul. The conquest of Ramady and the opening of the road to Baghdad strongly complicated these plans. Now the authorities of the country focused their efforts on the protection of the capital and "containing Islamists" from Baghdad so that there is no threat to the capture of the city.
Barack Obama's strategy regarding the Middle East, North Africa and a widely understood struggle against terrorism begins to fall apart. The air raids themselves do not bring the expected results, unpopular (among the population) ground operation, which has not been carried out today leads to the spread of jihad throughout the region. Sophisticated situation in Yemen. The recent defeats of the Assad regime in Syria and the formation of the coalition of Islamist groups led by Jabat An-Nusra also do not cause optimism. More bold and frequent attacks on the Sinai Peninsula and Chaos in Libya immerse these regions into an increasing abyss of destabilization. Bloody, executions and mass murders begin to gain momentum. best forex brokers in nigeria